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our mission in providing free services to the children in your local community;  you can help make a difference.

join kidCents!! round up your change at rite aid to support our cause

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Services offered:

One out of 9 children under the age of 18 in the US today receive special education services

  • Parent Workshops
  • Behavioral Resources
  • Educational Resources
  • Monthly Community Outings

The lifetime cost for an individual with autism is estimated to be $3.2 million

our mission

One in every 26 American families reported raising children with a disability

It is the mission of the Goofy Gators to enhance the lives of our children with autism and other special needs.  We will work on the strengths of our children to create a better future through social skills and family activities while providing plentiful community resources.

Bucks Happening Finalist 2018‚Äč 

  • Social Skills Groups
  • Kid-Friendly Events
  • Support From Other Families
  • Advocacy

what's your story?

Click below to hear our original Goofy Gators interview with Stephanie Stahl about what autism means to them.