Welcome to a world of inclusion and respect for our kids! 

Our sister company, Piece of Our Puzzle, is proud to offer preschool and after-school care at Piece of Our Puzzle Academy with behavior teams and ABAs on site. 

Contact erin@pieceofourpuzzle.com for additional details. 


  • Parent Workshops
  • Behavioral Resources
  • Educational Resources
  • Monthly Community Outings

‚Äčour mission

It is the mission of the Goofy Gators to enhance the lives of our children with autism and other special needs.  We will work on the strengths of our children to create a better future through social skills and family activities while providing plentiful community resources.


In The Spotlight:

  • Social Skills Groups
  • Kid-Friendly Events
  • Support From Other Families
  • Advocacy

We are here for YOU!