our mission

It is the mission of the Goofy Gators to enhance the lives of our children with autism and other special needs.  We will work on the strengths of our children to create a better future through social skills and family activities while providing plentiful community resources.





  • Social Skills Groups
  • Kid-Friendly Events
  • Support From Other Families
  • Advocacy

We are here for YOU!

It's almost FATHER'S DAY!!! You know what that means!!!

It's time to nominate your FAVORITE DAD for our $200 cash giveaway. Let dad treat himself with some extra money by sending us an email explaining WHY your dad is the BEST DAD

GET YOUR EMAILS IN ASAP!! I'll read the nominations mid-week and begin tallying votes by the end of the week.

The winner will be revealed on Saturday, June 15th!

All submissions must be sent to

  • Parent Workshops
  • Behavioral Resources
  • Educational Resources
  • Monthly Community Outings